New-York, 1989







Statue of Liberty, July/August 1989, 1,5 million regards..

or the celebration of our 3 universal sisters: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity with 6.000 video-portraits of world's citizens.. an electronic homage to the Declaration of the Rights of Man for the bicentennial of the French Revolution & the centennial of the Statue of Liberty with the voices of writers & poets...V.Novairina, S.Sarduy, J.P.Verheggen, I.Laaban & J.Hammarberg, S.Jacob, P.Kummel, G.Bérémèyni, J.D Nevaquaya, H.Chiswell, D.Fernandez

with the support of the French Foreign Ministry, Intermédia, AFAA, the French Embassy in NYC, the US Department of Interior & Audio Plus Video International, Thanks to Juliette Salzmann,French Embassy, & Diane Perdue, Liberty Island Museum curator, US department of Interior

with the seal of approval of the American & French Committees of the Celebrations of the bicentennial of the French Revolution and the Declaration of the Rights of Man



Budapest, 1989


"PORTRAIS d'HUMANITE", Citoyens 1989, Mücsarnok, Budapest, Sept/Oct 1989



with the Balasz Bella Studio, Beremeyni Geza, Jean-Luc Cronel, the French Institute of Budapest, the French Foreign Ministry




Paris, 1991




"Portraits d' Humanité ", journey of the double, imaginery ethnology for 6 apostles & 12 écrans



Musée National des Monuments Français, Palais de Chaillot, April/May 1991 , Denis Roche, Art Rencontres Internationales, Pierre Ponant & the artists T. Drahos, A. Fleisher, P. Lobstein, P. Pouvreau, T. Szemzö




Paris, 1988



"CITIZEN 89", proposal for a world interactive videoportraits network



Art & Technologies "Avant Première 89" Exhibition Grande Halle de la Villette Paris June 1988 with Jean-Alain Sidi, XIS



Stockholm, 1985




"Portraits d'Humanité" with Ilmaar Laaban & Jarl Hammarberg, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Nov.1985/Jan.1986



1st International Video Festival, Kulturhuset, with Brian Eno, Shigeko Kubota, Yann Nguyen Minh, Ulrike Rosenbach, Wolf Vostell, Teresa Wennberg




Marseille, 1992




"PAROLES d'HUMANITE" video-portraits of 7 american indian nations, Navajo, Yuchi, Mohawk, Apache, Lakota, Ponca, Galibi, 1992

An electronic homage to the enconter of the 2 worlds 1492/1992 with the seal of approval of the Unesco, the American & French committees of these celebrations and the CICV with Pierre Bongiovanni, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Serge François, the French Ministry of Culture

"Indian visions, crossing of the presents" with Joe Dale Tate Nevaquaya, Richard Ray Whitman, Marseille Nov.1993... a circle of 7 screens & 36 music stands



Imerec, Musée des Arts Africains Américains Océaniens, la Vieille Charité



Marseille, 1996




"Humanity's word, MarseilleS" video-portraits of 2 "tribes" from marseilles, one arabo-gypsie of Bassens & one comorian, through the regard & the writing of 2 "natives", yuchis from Oklahoma, Joe Dale Tate Nevaquaya & Richard Ray Whitman




This "word" came with a young artist fom Bassens, during his creation/celebration dedicated to his people, Malik Ben Messaoud (right), 1994/1996...




The top of that story was a beautifull night of Sept. 1996: a dramatic art & barbecue happening for more than 3.000 people and a tremendous show with a great audience (700) during the 6th International Documentary Film festival "Seen on the docks" june 96




In June 1999, Marseilles celebrated its 2600 years. 10 movies shooted since the time of the Lumiere brothers -with "Humanity's word.."- have been selected "heritage of marseilles"

support: Ville de Marseille, Ministère de la Ville, Ministère de la Culture, Conseil Général & Préfecture des Bouches du Rhône, DRAC PACA, DRFP, GRIM, CICV with Chébli Msaïdié, Salim Hatubou, Jean-Marc Montera, Julien Blaine & all the inhabitans of Bassens & the Comorians of Marseille



Paris, 2000/2001




And 666 marseillais gave their regards to the parisians of mont Parnasse in June 2000


Before "the watcher", Richard Ray Whitman the summers 2000/01..

support: Norifumi Goddarh Company



ARTE, 2006

Clermont-Ferrand, 2006

Lamu, Kenya, 2010

La Havane, 2010

Shanghaï, 2014

Zhapu, 2018